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Multi-locations for website (Preview link included)


I’m going to scale my site in the following country’s, here’s a map of how I’m going to be scaling.

I’m first focusing on the following country’s

  1. United states: This will be the .com for the website with a US phone number + address
  2. Canada: This will be /ca with a CA phone number + address
  3. Australia: This will be /au with a AU phone number + address
  4. United Kingdom: This will be /uk with a UK phone number + address
  5. Ireland: This will be /Ir with a IR phone number + address
  6. New Zealand: This will be /nz with a NZ phone number + address

If you check my share link: Available here.

I know I’m going to ram past the 100 page limit, without doing a sub-domain site, is there anyway I can set this up? my plan is to finish the main .com (USA) static pages and then duplicate them out to the country folders and just change the number on the header and the address on the footer to the offices and then turn off the indexing in Google so only the .com ranks in all country’s and then my tool found here, redirects them to the main pages in the folder based on the country they’re visiting from, all my funnel pages are housed on the .com as they don’t have headers or footers for optimisation purposes.

Is there how I am meant to be doing this? I’d rather not have 35 sub-domains.