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Multi Lingual Website

Hi guys!

I am trying to make my website in Hebrew and in English.

So far what I did is to duplicate the pages and make duplicated symbols.

The problem begins when I try to change the duplicated pages. When I do that the changes apply to the original version as well.

to be more specific, when I change the direction of the text from right-to-left to left-to-right in Typography then the Hebrew version changes as well.

I guess the solution is simple, but I thought it would be nice to hear from you guys maybe on your take on how to make a Multi-lingual website.

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Hi @donjon

in the duplicated page, you need to duplicate and rename the class of every element so that when you make changes to it, it doesn’t affect all the other elements…

make sure you don’t simply rename them but first duplicate and then rename

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A slightly better solution for me is to duplicate your pages, but instead of renaming the class of every element, add a combo class to every text element to allow you to override text direction or anything you want.

For exmaple, if you have a Heading in the Hero section in english, you might give it a class of Hero_Headding. When you duplicate your pages, you could add a seccond class to that sow it would now be Hero_Headding Hebrew.

Doing this, you have the added benefit of working on your English page and all the changes made there will still be applied to your Hebrew page because you still share the same class, with the exception of you overiden styles from the combo class.

Hope it was clear enough.

Oh, and don’t forget to use proper hreflang and canonical tags so google doesn’t penalize you for duplicate content!