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Multi-level tabs help needed!

Hello, everyone!

Need your help.

(“For distributors” PAGE)

I managed to do this:

Now need your help to do this:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Where is this page, and what do you need help with. From your images, it is not clear what you want to do. Also, why are you not using the CMS? It would make the project a lot simpler and easy to change and update and shorten your workload then styling so many pages.

Hi, Jeremy.
Thanks for the reply.

I’m using tabs to display each type of tea:

What I want to do is: display 5 types of teas, when clicked on “5 Black Tea Collection” etc.

Hope this makes sense.

Kind Of what page is that one? Where is the tab opening now? Or is this hypothetical?

If not created yet you can make tabs out of a list and position and style how you want. Same with Tabe menu. But hard to tell what you mean if I can’t find the page you are referring to.

(“For distributors” PAGE)

I finally found it. When you are looking for help you need to be much more specific. You site is large and you have a ton of content on each page including hidden modal windows. What you need help with is the TABS on distr_modal prodcard_MT

You currently have two levels of Tabs setup. If you want to display 5 types of teas you will need to change your original tabs to be 5 different teas. I guess you can further tab those 5 teas down to a few images of each, if you wish. Instead of using tabs though I might consider using a lightbox images and linking them together for each of the images

so to put it as clear as I can
This menu

goes to a tab pane
in that tab panel

  • You are creating another Tab
    with a tab menu of your 5 teas.
    Then that tab holds the details for each of the 5 teas.
    instead of doing another tab menu for the images. I suggest creating a lightbox.

Basically your problem right now. Is you are one tab menu ahead.
swap out that images tab menu for your 5 Teas. So there is no way to build what you want without redoing the information in the first tab panes and restructuring.

Again maybe, you are too far in now. But using the CMS and not creating static pages for everything would have made your life a lot easier. Even if you are planning to export.

here’s my attempt at answering your question in video

Wow, Jeremy. :+1:

Super grateful for taking your time to find the objects I was talking about!!!

Thanks for detailed answer. Will update about my result.

P.S. Yeah, hope we’ll switch to CMS soon.

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Hi, Jeremy.

Sorry for delay.

Thanks again for taking your time and getting into my question.

So the designer’s idea was:

  • tabs for each product i.e. “25 Tea Collection”, “5 black tea collection”, and so on.
  • For the “5 teas” tabs containing description of each of the 5 teas in that box.

Let me know if you get the idea and any possible solution to implement.

Hi, Jeremy!

As you were the only to respond my issue, I’d like to say, I found the solution within Tabs element hiding & showing certain classes with Interactions. You may check if interested. I didn’t switch to Lightbox though, as you suggested.

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