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Multi-level push menu content area not float 100%

As per screen short, my problem is content area not float 100%.
Multi-level push menu js files i use “$(’#leftMenu’).multilevelpushmenu(‘collapse’);” code for hide the menu item on browser load.
Please help me to solve my problem.

Hi @deep20009 welcome to the community :smiley:

Can you please provide your read-only link?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your reply. I check your link, but i not find the read-only link button.Please help me.
My screen short is a local web application which develop in
So please help me to solve my problem.

This forum is here to help with issues in Webflow. If you are looking for VB help, you may need to look elsewhere

Hi friend,
I do not want any kind of VB help.My main problem is, i use two div id to separate left side and right side.Left Side (id=“left_bar”) and right side (id=“contaneir”). Left side also separate two columns div id=“colleft” and div id=“colright”. Under colright div i place Multi -Level Push menu.Now start the problem,“contaneir” div not float 100%.If i remove Multi -Level Push menu the ,“contaneir” div float 100%.

I need solution that i use Multi -Level Push menu and “contaneir” div float 100%.

Hi Friend,

Any Solution for me? I am still waiting for your reply.

Can you also check my “Share your website with a read-only link” is working ok or not. I paste the link below

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