Multi-Level Product Catalog (using CMS?)

I am working with a client to give their website a refresh. It is currently on Wordpress, and we are trying to move all new clients over to Webflow.

Their site is

Their website is pretty simple and the rebuild should be straightforward, except for one aspect. They have a large product catalog that uses multiple sub-categories (Brand –> Product Type –> Product –> Product Description & Pre-Filled Inquiry Form). What would be the best way to build a catalog like this out, ideally using CMS? It may be possible to combine the middle 2 subcategories, but we may keep the current organization.

This seems pretty daunting, so any direction or advice is greatly appreciated!

Short answer is you can’t keep that kind of structure. You can only use /collectionslug/itemslug

If you have silo pages that rank I would avoid trying to switch. Just my opinion.