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Multi level navigation

Hey guys,

I’m sorry to bring up an old topic but I’m new to webflow and have been looking for an easy way to make a multi-level navigation menu that slides out from the right. I found this example from another forum post:

I’d like my site to do the same thing where the whole site moves left as the menu slides in. I’d also like to have the multi level navigation like the site has on its products tab and have all the similar interactions in both desktop and mobile.

Could someone lead me in the right direction or link me to a tutorial?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Doug.

From what I can see there, it is custom made navigation activated by interactions with Click trigger. The interactions are shifting menu and all content. Along with that, content is wrapped in one big div, which let easy to manipulate its position.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the tutorial, which could lead you step by step, but I hope you get the main idea.



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