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Multi level navigation possible?


New to the forums here so many apologies if this has been asked previously. I did do about 5 searches but couldn’t find anything directly related to this.

The Nav Bar is absolutely excellent and so is the drop down element but I’m just wondering if it’s possible to create multi level navigation elements from within webflow somehow as I will be linking the exported code up to a content management system for sites that will have top level navigation and then will have multiple levels of submenus. The menu levels could go maybe 3 or possibly 4 levels deep so just wondering if there’s anything that could handle this or if anyone has any good ideas using interactions in order to cover this sort of thing bearing in mind to remember that the menu in the end will be getting created programmatically via the CMS so no way beforehand of knowing exactly how many levels the menu will take up.

I know that’s quite an ask but if anyone has any ideas at all then I’d be very thankful for any help.

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Oh please how dare you asking a question on a forum :wink:

I put your 4 level thing to the test and it works pretty OK, it needs a bit more style to feel the depth and surely intensive test to keep it relevant on mobile.

The designer in me can’t not say this: why would you do such a thing as a 4 levels menu? because it must be tedious to navigate and difficult to maintain. But that’s your decision right? :wink:

So check this out:

I only nested Dropdown elements into navbar and menus, and pass the property of the dropdown list from absolute to relative so that it pushes the next items further away intead of covering them.

Hi Vincent,

Many thanks for the reply and the code example. Much what I was expecting and I’m guessing probably really the only way of doing that sort of thing at the moment with Webflow. I think I’m going to have to roll my own navigation component on this as I won’t have any idea of how many levels deep the navigation goes or how many main sections there will be as this will be being created by the client themselves and will be updated quite a lot so will need to be created dynamically.

Thanks again for the great help and all the best.

Best wishes,


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No, you can also make it from scratch with Divs and interactions. However, using Webflows’ components for what they’re designed for is the best practice, as your code ends up to be better.

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