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Multi level linking

Hello everybody,

I’ve searched the forum but I cant’t find the answer to this:

Is it possible to create deep links?
For example I have a website called
When I click on services the url would be: " When I click on logo design within my services page the url would be "

Is something like this possible within Webflow? And if it isn’t, when will it be implemented?

Kind regards!

Not possible with Webflow at this time. No words about possible implementation. This kind of deep linking usually happens on dynamic CMS sites with types of content (in your example, “services” being a type of content). Webflow doesn’t do that for the moment, maybe they’ll bring it one day or another.

Hi @vincent,

thanks for the response. For SEO purposes would the following work as well?
For example " and on the services page I would make a link again to logo design and the url would be "

I’d like to hear from you.

I know close to nothing in SEO and Javascript, those are my kryptonite (:

Haha @vincent and here I am thinking I was the only one :wink:! Does anybody else have the answer for me?

Those two links will not have the same SEO benefit. “” is simply a description of what on the page it has no structural relationship to your services page. “” provides a search engine a website structure it can follow. So any page that is “” will be associated with the services page.

Hi @Davidn, thanks for the heads up!

Given the information, would a dropdown menu called “services” with dropdown items such as “logo design”, " webdesign" etc. be better for SEO purposes? That would help Google crawling our website right?

@thesergie @callmevlad Do you guys have any idea on when the more structured paths for our websites will be implemented? Is it on the roadmap or? I’d love to hear from you guys! :smile:

@ArjanLeeuwinga We’re working on nested folders right now actually. We’ll let you know when we launch.


@thesergie, you have officially made my day! Keep up the great work, it’s very much appreciated!

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