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Multi Layer CMS

I want to design a blog post with this hierarchy. Getting completely confused in collections.

Health Insurance–> This is a page where insurer names are displayed
–> Insurer 1 --> This is a page where product names are displayed. On clicking the product name the specific product page is opened.
–> Product 1.1 ( This is a blog page)
–> Product 1.2 ( This is a blog page)
–> Insurer 2
–> Product 2.1 ( This is a blog page)
–> Product 2.2 ( This is a blog page)

Collection items, viewed from the collection template, can only exist in a path that is set by the collection settings. You can’t further organize collection paths only the collection item slug. What you can do is use pages and nest them into folders. A page can render a collection list. There is a 100 page limit on the number of pages per site.

OK. so what you are suggesting is something like this:

Health Insurance Home page. This is a page which has a list of insurers. When a user clicks on an insurer–>
It jumps to Insurer home page.
–> That home page hosts a collection list which comprises of products.
–> can host other pages also.