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Multi language website as a number of projects on 1 account

Hello, team!

That’s might be a dummy question and it was discussed too many times but I need to figure this out.

I’m looking for solution to set up multi language website with Webflow without using Weglot and any scripts at all. My point is to have specific static and CMS pages for each language version (which could be crawled by Google), but it seems I can reach the limit of 100 pages on my entire project pretty soon.

My question is сan I set up 3 separate websites on 1 account and link specific subdomain for each project?


Project 1. lang=“de”

Project 2. lang=“en”

Project 3. lang=“fr”

When a user choose EN language it takes him to subdomain which is set on the other Webflow project with connected site plan.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello @Nikita_Vyutnov

Did you discover a solution to this? I´m looking at doing something similar, but wasn´t sure how to set up the in Webflow.

Or if anyone else knows how to impliment this, that would be great! :slight_smile:

Regards, Terry

Hey, regarding this setup – yes, it’s possible to create separated projects and to add site plan to each of them >>>>

to add custom domains e.g. subdomains if needed >>>>

to add drop-down for language switcher.