Multi language footer

Dear community,

I am just starting with Wevflow and I created a multi language website (French and english). I actually “just” created one website and copied pages and changed content from one language to another.

I have set up the flags and menu… But I have only one footer in one language. How can I create 2 differents footer, one for each language ?

Thanks a lot

Hi - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Create 2 symbols - one for English and one for French, then place the English symbol in the English pages, and the French symbol in the French pages

Thanks for your time.
I did create two symbols on the top menu (and it works well).
But i don’t manage to get 2 different footers : one per language.

Check here


Did you place A different symbol for each language? If You did - I think it should be working

HI Shokoaviv,

I did it and works very well now. I did get the system first but now is ok.
Thanks again