Multi-images cant open

I added multi-image field, but images don’t switch with click… where is problem?

Can someone help???

… admins??? Help?? ???

I got you! So, I just looked at your link and it seems the problem is your alternative product images aren’t actually linked to anything. In other words, there’s no script telling them that when you click them, they’re supposed to change that main product photo. You’ve essentially just added a decorative row of images underneath the main product shot.

To fix this, you’ll have to do a lil’ custom coding, but don’t fret: it’s very easy. I do this all the time for clients; it’s a very common request.

We’re going to use jQuery to instruct your browser that when you click on any image in that row, it should replace the image in the main box.

Step 1: Rename the class “Image 3” to “product-image–alt.” It’ll make it easier to keep track of what we’re doing.

Step 2: Rename the MAIN product image’s class to “product-image–main” (I know it might seem weird I’m telling you to add all these hyphens, etc, but when you’re custom coding it’s best to avoid spaces in names wherever possible because… reasons. Just trust me on this one).

Step 3: Copy and paste this code and put it before the tag in your page settings.

$(".product-image--alt").click(function() {
  var referenceUrl = $(this).attr("src");
  var currentMainImageUrl = $(".product-image--main").attr("src");
  $(".product-image--main").attr("src", referenceUrl);
  $(".product-image--alt").attr("src", currentMainImageUrl);

Each time you click a picture in the bottom tray, it should now swap it out with the one currently being displayed as the main photo.

Did everything still not working :frowning:

It’s been a couple days and I’m stuck with this… and still no solution
If I’m not going to find way I simply will move to Wordpress or shopify tomorrow

Looks like no one care about that