Multi image variable sizes


I’m currently building my portfolio and would like a variable grid image size and alignment like this:

  • so one image is right aligned and one is left aligned and one is centered and the sizes are different.

Since i do photography i would like to post around 20-40 images per subpage.

So far i have only come across doing it in rich text, but the amount of time spent on changing the alignment and putting in new photos takes forever.

I have looked into using multi image since it you can upload 25 images per field, but my problem is that they all come in the same class in the collection list so i cant style them differently.

Is there a work around this or a way to do it easier than rich text?

I have posted the read only link. In the “Poolboy Q” you can see the rich text field with images (the way i want it but would like easier) and the multi image but where they are all the same size.

Here is my site Read-Only:]