Multi Image Using Tabs and Webflow Not Fixing Known Bugs

Can anyone think of a way to get multi-image to work for tab and slider elements that does not involve lightbox?

Webflow has known for 6+ months about the mobile zoom issue with their lightbox product (zoom breaks it on mobile). They have done nothing to fix it and are complacent selling a buggy product.

I attempted to fix their lightbox and got extremely close using the tabs element. I added some custom code to make it a slider with image previews (feel free to use this if you don’t have variants; it is better than their lightbox).

You can reference this product page which fixes the zoom issue and allows for mini “preview images”.

The problem is, while the Main image is dynamic, there is no option to put multi image in a tab. So if a customer selects a different color, only the main image will change while the others remain the same.

Here is my share link: Webflow - PPE Bikinis & Boardshorts