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Multi-image fields from Airtable

I’m using an Airtable form to upload images that will end up in Webflow CMS multi-image field(s).

In my attached screenshot from my Airtable table (below), let’s say this field in the leftmost column (“Images: All, As URLs”) has 82 comma-separated image URLs.

Is there a way of splitting out this Airtable field into 4 fields divisible by 25 comma-separated image URLs?

Obviously, I want to do this to accommodate Webflow’s limitation of 25 images per multi-image CMS field.

I would like the next column (“25 Images: A”) to have comma-separated URL Image 1 through Image 25.

The column to the right (“25 Images: B”) would hold Image 26 through Image 50.

Column to right of that (“25 Images: C”) would hold image 51 through Image 75.

Rightmost column (“25 Images: D”) would hold Image 76 through Image 82.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately, last time I checked, Airtable doesn’t have a slice() method or something equivalent that you would need to do this.

But if you’re looking for an easy way to sync those Airtable attachment fields to a Webflow multi-image field, use PowerImporter.

Thanks for the reply. I am able to split each URL into 82 separate fields, and then concatenate them back into groups of 25, but the Airtable Formulas seem a bit insane, in order to do so. I’m basing this on the suggestions from this Airtable forum discussion: Separate a Look Up field (separated by commas) into separate cells - Formulas - Airtable Community Forum

Thanks for the suggestion about PowerImporter, Marc! I was commenting with you on one of your helpful Youtube videos, and you’ve built an excellent product. I’ve reviewed its features in the past week and I love what it does and how simple it appears to be. The only limitation, for my users’ needs, is that it appears that it will take longer to sync compared with an Integromat solution (which is more complicated, but is still doable).

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