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Multi-filter Mixitup Checkboxes not working IE11?

Yep, was on a previous post but will post link again shortly.

Reason I didn’t post yesterday was I was trying to fix a specific issue in IE11. When more than 100 CMS items you have to add more code which breaks IE11, however you only need original so will take that bit out so you can see it working.

Hi Matt,

Sorry for hijacking your post with my questions, and thanks a lot again for your efforts! I’ve put the code that you shared with me next to mine, and started to compare them. What I found was that where I used forEach, you used for (var i = 0; …). Example:

My code:

  checkboxes.forEach( function(elem) {
  var dataValue = elem.getAttribute("data-value");
  elem.setAttribute('value', dataValue);

Your code:

  for (var i = 0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
  var elem = checkboxes[i];
  var dataValue = elem.getAttribute("data-value");
  elem.setAttribute('value', dataValue);

Turns out, forEach doesn’t work for IE. Once I figured out all this, I asked one of my company’s developers, who’re always busy but happy to help nonetheless, for help, and they helped properly rewriting those bits of code.

Thanks again for your help Matt!

Hi @Tessa,

You’re welcome!

Ah, that’s interesting regarding the code in IE11, I’ve learnt something new, thanks for sharing.

Good luck with the site, it’s looking good.

All the best