Multi filter is this possible?

Hey fellow webflowers!

I have seen this multi filter filter thingy, however I have no idea if this is possible to implement on webflow and if it is possible how to implement. (I have seen the filter being implemented it’s the multi filter I want/need)

Any smart individuals willing to advise, help?

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If it can be done in Codepen, it can be done in Webflow

Thanks just need to work out how to do it! Any tips welcome

Any progress on this yet? I need this for product search/filtering in a ecommerce website. I have about 8 filter tags with many sub choices. Please share what you are able to create.

Howdy, not found out how to implement this, struggling with understanding it. Would be very powerful and useful, if only someone could help us?!

Hi, did you make any progress with this?

No progress yet. It’s difficult to build out. Need a better solution. Webflow should make filtered search a part of their system.

Thank you. Yeah agree it is not easy to implement. Good news is that the filtering does appear on the wish list but no timescales given yet

does this help? [TUTORIAL] Advanced filtering (several dimensions)+ Search with MixitUp plugin

Thanks, I have tried that but didn’t give me exactly what I was look for. Appreciate the suggestion though. If you find anything else let me know