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Multi-Day Event Filtering

I have a large event website where the majority of events are single day events. Once in a while there is a festival that spans multiple days.

What’s the best way to filter the visibility so that collections shows both current and upcoming events?

If I filter from Start Date, the multi-day events disappear after the first day.

If I filter from End Date, I have to go back and add an End Date to 100’s of single day events. Also, for every new single day event I’ll have to add an end date.

Is there a way to default new events to have an End Date that’s the same as the Start Date? Or maybe there’s another way to achieve this through filtering. Anyway, would be a huge time saver for larger event websites.


EDIT: Looks like Jetboost’s Auto-Archive takes this into consideration. Had to remove all date filters from within webflow. Works for now!

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