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Multi-column not working on Chrome

Hey all,

I’m finding that a multi-column setting on a paragraph, which previews in Webflow and looks fine in Safari, isn’t working in Chrome.

Has anyone else come across this, and if so is there a solution (other than doing two floating div columns)?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just tested on brand new project in Chrome, here is a 2-column paragraph on a published website:

Can you provide the public link to a specific project you’re working on that seems to be affected by this behavior?

Sadly not as it’s still not launched and for client’s eyes only, but it was definitely breaking in Chrome for me. I have since gone back and done two physical columns which of course works fine — just would be nice to trust the multi-column option.

I’ll try it again next time, when not under the gun :slight_smile:

Thanks again McGuire!

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