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Multi-Client Management

When is Webflow planning on adding Multi-Client Management??
This is a must have when running lots of pages for multiple clients. Check out Unbounce and how they do it!

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When we release our client collaboration feature, you’ll be able to set up clients for any site you have. Is that what you’re thinking about?

Yes, but three questions.

  1. Is the collaboration/login for the clients going to be full white labeled including URL?
  2. Is each client and their corresponding websites going to be neatly organised on the dashboard in a folder like sense?
  3. When is this going to be implemented?
  1. Our MVP will not have white-label feature.
  2. It will be organized per-site like it is currently, not per-client. We are always thinking of ways to organize the dashboard.
  3. We’re working on it now…but I can’t tell you a specific finish-by date.

Thanks Sergie, Webflow really looks promising!

Can’t wait for this feature! Looks promising.

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Shame about the non-White Labelling. Really like the look of WebFlow but am looking for a CMS, good eCommerce, White-Labelling and adequate Blogging capability - as well as having somewhere to turn to for handling those custom requirements some clients require.