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Muliple page issue - Changing element with same class

Ok, so I can see when this might be a desired feature in some circumstances but is this a bug or desired function of multiple page feature.

I created my first page and then created a second page copying everything from the first. I then removed a background image from a container (that I only wish to be present on the home page) but quickly found that it also deleted it from the home page…adding it back on the home page adds it back on subsequent pages.

For now, I have to add an extra class to get around this issue but the framework I am importing into won’t have this extra class so it will be another thing I have to remember to tweak later after export.

Would this be grounds for a feature request, maybe an option on elements class definition, something like:
Allow style changes to span multiple pages - enable/disable?

You are right, this is the intended workflow. Classes are shared across all pages because that’s desired behavior for most web designers.

The correct way to have one class look enter code here different on a different page is to set up your selector like this:

<body class="page-about">


.page-about .bg-image { css properties }

I posted in another topic with you that we don’t have support for the above type of selectors quite yet (when .bg-image class is inside of .page-about class, make it looks like this), so for now you will have to add an extra class to the bg-image class.

We will definitely consider having that option though.

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