Moving website to a new account, will I waste money on plan?


Since Webflow is discontinuing client billing I thought of moving a client website from my Webflow account to a new one. I read the procedure and it seems fine: I remove the site plan, I transfer it then I add a plan to the new account.

The thing that’s not clear to me is this: what if the plan already paid on my account expires in 10 months, when I cancel it I basically waste all of these months left and then the client has to buy another plan? or is there any way to “transfer” the plan as well without paying extra money?

Otherwise, the client would have to pay almost twice for basically just one plan.


Hey @Archimede :wave:

You can’t transfer a site plan between accounts. However, reach out to our Customer Support team and they should be able to give you some assistance.

Send in your request here for the fastest support: Subscriptions and Plans - Request a Client Billing refund