Moving Webflow site to SYNOLOGY

We have been hosting our site on Webflow for many years but to be honest we rarely make any changes to it and have recently purchased a SYNOLOGY server at our office that also has a static public IP, so I was thinking about moving it over to be hosted on our own server. We also have a Dyndns account setup already.

My questions are:

  1. Is this a very complicated thing to do? I’m assuming it won’t take more than an hour, I’ve already installed APACHE, PHP, etc, on the Synology. Is there anyone here interesting in making some $$ and helping us out with this?

  2. What happens when I do wish to make a change to the site, do I have to make the change on the Webflow website and then migrate it over?

Thank you!

It’s feasible, however, check free hosting for your sites with a few visits and changes, free custom domain linking, super easy updates fo the website using github. So create a github repo, put your files in it, and from there create a project in Netlify and sync the files. You’ll be online for free in no time and you don’t have to deal with having internet traffic hitting the local NAS.


I agree with @vincent - removing as much management of this sort of solution is best for one-off or low traffic entities.

Keep in mind the account plan requirement for code export. Depending on how often you do this, it might make it more expensive if you don’t already have this.

Just to confirm, it’s - there’s an erroneous f in the link above :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! fixed it. ——————————