Moving the current item first in the CMS list

On the blog posts template page, I want to display the current blog post at the top of the list of blog posts and present it with a different layout. I was able to apply a different design to the first item, but there isn’t an option for selecting the current item in the sort order filter. I wanted to ask you if it’s possible to achieve this using custom code. :pray:

Additionally, you might notice that the blog cards on the right are uneven due to differences in content. Assigning a fixed size value to these cards would cause issues with longer titles. Is there a different approach to presenting these more neatly? For instance, it would be sufficient if the shorter of two adjacent blog cards takes the dimensions of the larger one, but I’m not sure how to implement this.

Thank you all! :raised_hands: :turtle:

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It can be done with custom code, you’d just need to identify the item and move it.

However I think a better approach would be to have the first itme just be its own non-collection-list element, that describes the current item, and then have the collection list follow it, excluding that item.

If there’s a reason you really want them to physically be in the same collection list, Finsweet has a tools for that-

Hello @memetican , thank you for your support. I tried the Finsweet solution but couldn’t succeed. Do you think there’s something missing or something I might be doing wrong?

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Hi Annie, I don’t work for Finsweet, so I can only see the same docs you do.
But here’s what they indicate-

It’s really hot here…:sweat_smile: Thank you for your support :pray: