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Moving 'Sections' in Navigator Tab

I have trouble moving section parts in the navigator tab.

I want to move a section to a different section of my site, but in my navigator tab, it keeps wanting to nest into something else instead…Im not able to move my section in a new line. Is there something i’m not doing right?


While drag&drop try to place stuff on the right panel where the Navigation Tree is displayed. If the problem is “deeper” try recording the issue and post it here :slight_smile:

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What do you mean “a new line”? I’m assuming you want a section under another section inside the body? Keep moving your mouse above other Sections and wait until the Body is highlighted.

Does that help?

I moved a post to a new topic: Why is Webflow switching me to different panels

I’ve experienced this. It happens when you are trying to move a section directly inside the Navigator panel. Basically, if you look at the image above… If I take the “Section” already highlighted and tried to move it below the next “Section” (not inside of it) it can prove to be difficult if done inside the Navigator panel. Especially if the “Section” has a few things inside of it.

If you grab it then move it outside on to the stage, you can place it fine. That’s my experience with it over the past three weeks since I’ve started. I would give the option of making them collapsible. Default could be to stay open… but give the user the ability to collapse a main section if they would like to do so.

If you can’t see it happening for you. I will make a video to demonstrate during my free time.


I understood what you mean and I have the same issue, when moving sections around, it nests inside other sections. What I am doing to solve the problem is placing a new section where I want and them copy and paste the content into it.

Hey @thegrafiqlyfe, @cyberdave, @Daniel_Sun some bugs have been introduced into the navigator that isn’t allowing you to drag an element between sections. I’ve been experiencing this as well. We will be making overall improvements to the navigator revamping the design.

Glad a revamp is coming!

Maybe I’m just used to Adobe products… but I think it would be great if the Webflow navigator behaved just like the Photoshop layers panel, i.e., collapsing sections (or better visual cues for nested sections - the long list can be overwhelming sometimes) and the ability to move elements up/down in the tree with keyboard shortcuts.

Very happy with how fast you guys are improving Webflow, keep up the good work!

Thanks @Brice_Tuttle. Yeah the navigator will get a big revamp for sure. We’ll let you know when it’s coming. :slight_smile:

Has this been done? Still running into the same issue as described above,

We’ve made some changes to the navigator, but we still working on this specific feature. We’re actually reworking our drag and drop system so it’s easier to make it happen.

We made some much needed improvements to the navigator. Check it out and give us your feedback:

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