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Moving Photo Grid? Horizontal and Vertical scroll?

Hi. I am new to web design and to Webflow. I was wondering if it’s possible to clone any of the functionality of the following sites in Webflow. Particularly, the photo functionality.

I want to have the pictures resize on scroll like this site:

And move with the mouse like this site:

And on either horizontal edge, have text with vertical scroll like this site:

Does anyone have any idea how I would accomplish any of these tasks? Any tips would be helpful.


Hi Collin,

maybe this cloneable project could give you a start:

I’m not sure how one could combine all the three website functionalities though. The loading effect of Powerhouse Company could be achieved by 2D&3D Transform:

I don’t know about the scrolling either, it might be achievable with interactions (Transform > Scale).

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing! I’ll give it a try.