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Moving or Transferring a Project to another person

Hi! I want to start a project on my paid account and then move it to my client will all the active domain and hosting. is it possible?

Hey Behzad!

It is currently not possible to transfer a project that has an active Site Plan to another user. You have two options:

  1. You can remove the hosting plan from your website, transfer the site to your client, and then have them re-add the hosting plan and the domain name (the domain would have to be re-added to the project because you removed the hosting plan).

  2. If you are still wanting to retain control of the website through Webflow, you can setup client billing, which would allow the client to take billing responsibility for the site, while still allowing you to retain ownership of the project.

Even with retaining ownership of the project, you’re able to invite contributors to your website. Contributors are allowed access to the website Editor, but not the designer. This meeans they can edit a lot of the content on the site, while not altering the actual layout or styles of the website.

You can read more about client billing here, and more about Contributors here, and the Webflow Editor here.

Let me know if I can assist further!

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