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Moving one section moves another - Going Crazy

I’m going crazy for days, when I move one section it moves another section as if they are connected. I’m using the Spacing boxes to the right to try to get this one section exactly where I want it vertically. So I delete the 2nd section that keeps moving with it, move the first section where I want it, then create a whole new section from scratch to insert the content again, and WHY THE HECK IS IT STILL CONNECTED TO THE FIRST SECTION??? Sorry… Very frustrated.

So I go to Navigator and start moving these two sections far from each other so one isn’t “under” another in any way. But it doesn’t stop this. I’m using a Section, Container, then Text Elements in both of these. Nothing complicated at all.

If somone could please give me a list of possibilities as to why this could be happening, I’d love to have those options to explore rather than share links. Apologies if it’s a stubborn way of asking for help, but I’d rather understand the actual concepts I may be dealing with. Thank You SOOOOOO Much :slight_smile: g

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