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Moving Navigator Button to Right Side

I can’t move navigation button to right side of screen!
I am trying to get started to program a site for my busines. I have historically been using A Muse and am under tremendous pressure to get this site done by close of business Monday 17th as well as work.
Hi here is a short video of my issue.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Any help in this would be gratefully received.
Many thanks

Hi Fraser,

I think you are mixing 2 different ‘Navigation’ elements:
a. The Webflow UI navigator is where you see all the elements in your page. This is part of Webflow’s interface and cannot be moved manually at all.

b. Site navigation (or Navbar) is the element users in your website will use to move between pages and sections. This can be manually created or used as part of the Navbar widget you can use from the elements panel.

Hi and thakns for your reply.

The Webflow UI navigator is where you see all the elements in your page. This is part of Webflow’s interface and cannot be moved manually at all.

Ok but then there must have been a change in version as on all the tutorials I am looking at the interface ‘navigator (z)’ is to the right of the screen.

I have about 20 questions and as there has been no support chat or telephone I have had to start again on my quest to get this up and running by starting a new project. Problem is I have bought css for the initial project that is not loading class formats etc. I am going a little insane here.

Yes, the old Navigator was on the right, nevertheless, there’s no difference in the UX now that the UI is a bit different.
The platform works the same. There’s no need to start a new project because of that.

Ok and thank you .

I stated a new projected not on that but based on the fact that when I was creating a class it was not allowing me to format other parts of the nav bar with it. I had obviously done some formating by accident and am not in a position that I have no idea how to undo that and start again from a blank and new project.

Could you please tell me how to go back into my original project and be in position to start again from scratch (as I am doing of so far in a fresh project).

That would restore a little sanity I think.

Many thanks.

If you did not delete the original project, you can go back to the dashboard and find it there.

I know I can find it there but there are formatting issues with it that make it impossible for me to progress and I do not know what they are.

Is there a way of taking it back to a black project ?

You can restore a backup, or as you initially suggested start a new project.

Ok thanks. And can I apply the CMS that I bought for the initial site to the new site?

I am not sure what you say that you bought… :confused:

This CMS Hosting

The hosting you bought is specifically to the project you bought it in. If it is this project - it will stay in it and you can use it for this project until you manually remove it.


So I need to go back into the original project and workout what the hell I did there and continue from there?

I guess thats the only way then,

Also this… :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for all your help. I do appreciate it.

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