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Moving my unordered list is not working in Firefox and Windows?

I made by Rich Text Objext 600 Pixels Wide
But now the “unordered list” Object wil not move?


Better to make a div of 600px wide and put the Rich Text Block inside that div. I wouldn’t give rich text block fixed widths myself.

Thanks Rowan,

The problem is that i want my photo’s 960 pixels in the Rich Text Element!

Make your ul list a with of 600px and margin: 0 auto and remove the left margin!

Oh yeah got it. Then style the RTF, so you can style the nested elements inside it. That should work, but I think you already did most of that I see.

Thanks antonio, but what do you mean with UL LIST?

Yep… i already did that!
all elements work, except this one…

i use the wide of 1200 in case of the custom container of 960, is that the problem?

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