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Moving effect on a background image

Hello guys,

I am facing some difficulties animating on scroll an image.

I want to animate a div background image while scrolling.
The concerned div has a set-up background color, and a .svg image on top of that.

I’d like to create a moving effect only for the .svg image. Somehow, i can only manage to animate the whole div.

Thanks a lot in advance for you help,

@Valentin_Dubuis are you using the built-in option for parallax or the interactions? I’m assuming the interactions but got to make sure :slight_smile: . Have you checked that you’re selecting the right item when setting up the interaction? It’s so easy to click on the wrong thing and spend a really long time trying to figure it out! If you could share a read-only link, we could take a look at what’s going on :slight_smile: