Moving custom marketing site to Webflow

Hi there,

We are looking at moving out marketing site to Webflow.

Currently, our marketing site is a part of a much larger SAAS product which uses Node and React and uses Heroku as the platform.

I’d love to know if someone else gone through a similar process of integrating a Webflow with a similar architecture.

I came across the following post which outlines how this author was able to accomplish it, however, this isn’t ideal as it requires a developer to be involved every time there is a change to the website.

Another option is to have our home/root URL redirect to the Webflow page, (by forcing the DNS sub-domain of www to redirect to Webflow).

I’d love any feedback, guides or similar posts on this.


@aaron_romeo - I’m trying to do the same thing. Would you have any information on how you achieved the desired result?