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Move object not smoothe when it has lots of content

If a drawer is initially off-screen and then moved onto screen by a click interaction, the drawer will not move smoothly onto screen if it contains more than a little content. It will instead snap to a position ~80% onto screen and then complete its movement, rather than beginning from an off-screen position.

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I figured out the issue - in the legacy interactions, movement on X and Y would be relative to the viewport (ex: moving an element x=100% would move it off-screen to the right). In the new interactions, X and Y are relative to the dimensions of the element itself (ex: moving an element X=100% would move it to the right a distance equal to its own width). VW and VH must now be used for positioning relative to the viewport. To my knowledge, this was never explained to Webflow users and probably should be at some point.

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