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Move menu drop down menu over to the left?

I got a chance to look at my menu on an ipad on the apple store. I noticed a few things I needed to fix. One of them was that the drop down menu needed to be over to the left. I’ve tried a lot things. I was able to get it to work in preview mode, but then it looked like I hadn’t done anything once I had published it to the live domain. Thoughts?

I would like it to look like…

From this:

To this: ![|622x500](upload://nb2RL7JjeZ1tpcze7FtviN0D4bn.png)

Best and thank you in advance,


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I guess you already fix it:

Hi @sabanna ,

I thought so too, but it turns it, not exactly:

when I click “GREEN” instead of rollover it, I different menu pops…I’m not sure exactly where to get to that menu to make the same adjustments to it :stuck_out_tongue: Thoughts?



For the dropdown list: change absolute position alignment to the right up corner

For the link inside the dropdown: change the settings clear to NONE

Should help.


HI Sabana,

I figured it out!

Thank you for your time and you efforts…get some rest :blush:



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