Move CMS content from one Webflow site to another?

I’m assuming the answer here is a big fat “nope”, but I figured I’d ask. I’m shuffling some stuff around between a few sites, trying to consolidate things and I was wondering if it’s possible to have CMS data + pages exported to another CMS enabled site here on Webflow. What are the chances? Slim to none?

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@Chris_Scott At this time, I Don’t think you can do this. But I’ve heard that the Webflow team is working on an import/export method for CMS… I think it came to discussion at the workshop from last week.

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Awesome, thanks for the info, Sidney! Looking forward to import/export as well as the API they’ve discussed in the past handful of months.


Hi guys, any news on this potentially happening this xmas?

I’m looking to update my website by purchasing a new CMS template then moving it to the new one. This would save a lot of time!