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Move animation effecting fixed background image

Hello all.

I have a mid-page pushdown and a section at the end of the page with a fixed background set to cover. The move animation from the pushdown is causing the background image to move out of this section’s frame. Any suggestions on what could be causing this are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hey there @adailey_masterworks,

You have a large section (c-map) with children and children’s children inside. Some of them have fixed background.
Once you move the w-full section down, all it’s children and siblings are moving also in this direction (since they are all in a relative or static position). The fixed backgrounds stay in their places since… well… they are fixed :smiley:

You can solve this by removing the fixed background and instead have an interaction to create a parallax effect (on scroll) to the background. Search the forum for this kind of behaviour.