Movable, scalable floor plan

Does anyone know how I could go about embedding a graphic that is movable and scalable in Webflow? In my case I have a floor plan that looks fine on desktop but on mobile I’d like it users to be able to pinch and zoom to see it better. The seat plan on this page is a good example.

Hi @Seantubridy
Not entirely sure what you mean by moveable and scalable. On mobile, you can pinch and zoom on any website if you need to. For vector graphics, you can use SVG format to make an image scalable to any size which would probably be the best solution for a floor plan.

Hi @Smith-Cordell
Well, I don’t want the entire page on mobile to be movable and scaleable, only the map portion of the page. That link on mobile shows what I mean. Only the map part can be manipulated. Here’s a movie showing what I mean. It works on desktop too. Screen Recording 2022-04-24 at 3.mp4 - Droplr

Edit: I think i found something that will work - the jQuery PanZoom script. Just have to figure out how to implement it. jQuery PanZoom Example - by Ben Lumley