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Mouse-tap Trigger Sets Element to over 2000% width

I have an interaction for my search bar, when you click the icon it will fade in the search box. I slowed it down so its easier to see the issue, but the width is somehow being set to like 2000% width, and animates to 100%. No clue how this issue happened in the first place

Here is my public share link:

Here is my website:

@garrettj1994 can you fix your read-only link? Thanks

Updated read-only url.

Here is a GIF of the dev tools slowed down:

Ok. It’s only the first time. After clicking once, there is no issue. Hm. Maybe it’s better to use
“scale” than “size”. Then you don’t have to size the “width”.

I remade it so its a simple show/hide and opacity animation. Again, on first click it doesn’t work correctly. Why is my site cursed?