Mouse Tap Interaction Is DEAD

Woke up one day and my mobile menu tap interaction just wont work on my homepage. Tested this by also placing a random image and seeing if i could manipulate it via tap and … nothing.
This is the second site this has happened to this week and I think this may be a bigger Webflow bug. Anyone else getting the same problem?
Sent three support tickets in but haven’t heard back from them this past week :.
Here’s a visual for this bug (below)

Please please someone can help with this? I really needed the site for a conference this weekend and it’s kind of rendered useless with this bug. Someone help! @staff @Webflow @help

:wave: Can you show Read Only link?

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Please share your read only designer link. Thats the only way we could expidite resolution.

I had similar issues in the past.

Please confirm the following:

  1. None of your IX2 elements have a Warning (!) Indicator
  2. All the classes being referenced in IX2 exist on the page or symbol
  3. Your IX2 Class Parent, Sibling, All is set properly
  4. Your All Classes (if enabled) is intended PARENT class
  5. Your Classes SET DEFAULT state does not conflict with SET state (ie. hidden vs show class)
  6. Your IX2 is not in conflict with another IX2, double check navigator to look for potential conflicting IX2 on unintended Class targets.

7. Set RESET and test again

8. Clear up any IX2 library to prevent any potentialy conflicting duplicate classes

By folloing these eight steps above, I usually resolve any IX2 issues.

Please post beter screenshots and designer preview link

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