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Mouse Tap (Click) interaction not working for page transition

Hi all,

I’m having trouble with the page transition animations from this tutorial. The script for the link delay does work on all pages and links, but the page-out transition I created in Webflow Interactions only works from the homepage to other pages and not between the other pages, though the page-in transition works on all pages.

I want to have the 4 divs cover the screen when you click a link and then move off the screen when the page loads.

I have a page-out transition set to trigger on Mouse Click for all of the nav bar links, but it’s not triggering for some reason. The most confusing part of this is why it would work on the homepage and not the other pages.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:
Here is my read-only

Bumping this as I’ve still not found a solution. Any ideas?