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Mouse sensivity creating issue within the Navigator

Hello webflow,

It happens from time to time, and I don’t know if this is my mouse, or a webflow bug,
but it happens that sometimes I accidentally and unwillingly grab an element on the page,
which makes it directly disappear from my view, and I don’t understand where it goes,
because to me I was not grabbing it.

And I realise that it is being hold within the Navigator pannel and I can’t do anything to release it,
even ctrl+Z do not work in this situation.

I do not have a clear answer to that, but I do know that a similar behaviour also happens on Illustrator.

It would be nice to have an option to «stop all action» and back to previous step, or action.


Hey @Okidoki!

Thanks for reaching out. Wow, that sounds really odd… Can you get me the browser version and your OS version? I want to make sure we can isolate that issue as soon as possible and see what we can do to help you with it.

Just an idea — does Esc key work for you to release that held node?

Nevertheless, it would be great if you could help me understand what you’re doing when this appears for you. A video of that by any chance?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Bart,

My OS is Windows 10 Pro (Thinkpad), and the browser I am using is Chrome (latest version I think).
Well for th latest issue I had, I closed down the Webflow tab and re-opened so that it went back to normal.

I was not aware that «Esc» could work, so next time it happens, I will try it, and check this message in the form to close it, with this solution, if it worked!

Well, I should probably record for the next time, but what you see is just like when you are holding element to drop within the Navigator, but, you can’t drop them, you are constantly stuck with the grabbing hand, but only within the navigator. You can go to different panels freely, the mouse cursor goes back to normal, but no actions can be made, you are stuck holding the content and it can’t be dropped.

I hope explanation is clear enough…

Thanks Bart!


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