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Mouse selecting of a div with a form inside not possible !?

hello there,

not sure if its a bug or because Im quite new to webflow and html css programming rules in detail,
but Im having the problem that I cant select a div block as a whole when theres a formwrapper
inside. if I try do the same with a div block with a few random elements in it, i can selected the div block but if theres my formwrapper inside I cant.
So I cant start an animation interaction because I cant select this div block for adding an interaction.

do I something wrong ? are formblocks excluded from interactions somehow ?

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Selecting is always possible in Webflow. In one way or another. There are so many ways to select an element that I’m not even sure I won’t forget one or two. Let’s put a Form in a DIV and see how we can select the DIV.

Here’s a DIV in a Form block

  1. select a parent element by clicking on the handle of an element


  1. right click to navigate in the structure


  1. with the navigator panel

  1. with the bottom bar

  1. Arrow keys

Use up down left right arrow keys to navigate and select the DIV

(from the form block that’s 1 up, from the Form element that’s 2 up)

Press the “?” on your keyboard to get this cheat sheet where you’ll have all the arrows shortcuts described

  1. use Siri

… and be let down by Siri again, not that you’re not used to it :slight_smile:


hey vince thx for the fast help !

actually I needed to add an interaction with choosing the parent div to the form that is included.
this somehow didnt work, only if I throw in another div like a button or something like this.
then I could select the parent div. i was able to reproduce this every time (making me crazy),
so I had to put in an unused button or whatsoever. and then after adding the interaction I deleted the
unused extra button.
however version 1 of ur suggestions worked, i forgot to try it that way.
thx for ur help !

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