Mouse-over settings for identical links

Hello everyone;

A small problem of beginner!

how to do and where to find the settings to make links (several identical in the same place except their text). These links before clicking, in mouse-over become bold and change colour.

Have a nice day and thanks in advance!

Forgive my bad English language, I am French

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Hi @JAMMI17 if you mean change style on hover than you have these settings in Style GUI tab. I will suggest to visit WFU to learn how to work with this platform.

and here is link to states just in case you have missed it.

Un grand merci @Stan ; vous avez parfaitement répondu à ma recherche. Croyez bien que j’ai cherché ici dans les cours.

Je suis actuellement entrain d’étudier les 24 leçons
Car je veux lier des textes modifiables à des images qui se trouvent superposés à plusieurs carrousels de mon projet.

Mais je n’ai pas encore compris comment est structurée la webflow Université.

Mes mots en recherche (en français comme en anglais ne donnent pas les résultats que j’attends)

Donc grand merci Ă  vous.

J’ai trouvé tout de suite ce qui me manquait dans votre lien.

Bravo @Stan

Bonne journée à vous

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hi @JAMMI17 you are welcome I had to use Translator to get your response. :wink:

Many thanks @Stan; you answered my question perfectly. Believe me, I looked here in the courses.

I am currently studying the 24 lessons
Because I want to link editable texts to images that are superimposed on several carousels in my project.

But I have not yet understood how the University webflow is structured.

My words in research (in French as in English do not give the results I expect)

So many thanks to you.

I immediately found what I was missing in your link.

Well done @Stan

Good day to you