Mouse Over Interaction Not Working On Tablet

I have six thumbnails on my homepage under the section OUR WORK. I have a mouse over interaction for each thumbnail. On mouse over the image opacity changes to 15% and the project description fades into from 0-100% white. This works on on all platforms in preview mode but when I publish to and review on my tablet the interactions don’t work. The interactions do work on desktop and mobile just not tablet. Checked in both Safari and Chrome and the same thing is happening. I have all platforms checked for the trigger settings.

Any help to make the tablet interactions work would be appreciated.

Read only link.

Hey Neil,

can you provide the published url to test against.


Hey Neil,

Thanks for the link.

I’ve tested on multiple browsers and devices, including iPad mini 5th Generation.

Everything seems to function correctly??

What sort of tablet are you testing with?

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iPad Pro 11 with Safari.

Hey Neil,

Hmm…ok, this is a really strange one.

First up, checking all your interaction settings etc, they all look fine and correct.

Second, I have tested on multiple iPad / iPhone combinations using Safari/Firefox.

Can you confirm what iOS you are using on your iPad?

I was able to replicate the issue (both Safari/Firefox) on iPhone 8 and up, iPad with iOS 12.x

iOS 13 works fine.

Might be a case of raising a ticket with support to see if they can investigate further.



Thanks so much for taking time to test - I really appreciate it.

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You’re welcome.

@sabanna - Is this something you may be able to investigate or raise with the appropriate team?


I believe that iOS 12 is not compatible with the mouse function. It didn’t become available until iOS 13.

I would recommend upgrading the OS before continuing.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

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Thanks @QA_Brandon

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I have a similar problem. My interactions work on all devices, except on my iPad. I would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you.