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Mouse interaction not working

Dear community,

I have created a webpage including a swiper, that allows the user, to view different types of projects.
This slider should scroll according to the mouse position on the webpage (Can be found in the section ‘Projects’). Unfortunately this does not work properly, because the slider is always bouncing back, even if the mouse is always over the element the interaction is linked to.
I have attached a video showing this issue as well as the public share link and the one to the hosted webpage.
This video is showing the issue: /removed/

It would be great, if anyone could help me.
Many thanks in advance!

Best regards.

Here is my public share link: /removed/
This is the hosted webpage: /removed/

This issue only appears, if the tiles can be hovered. If I add a transparent view on top of the tiles everything works smooth. Unfortunately they can not be clicked anymore after adding this transparent layer.