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Mouse Hover Interaction not working as expected

Hi, I’m having an issue setting up a rollover interaction correctly. If you look at my Categories Template page I have created a Collection List. Within that Collection List I have set up my Collection Items with a Mouse Hover (Hover In & Hover Out) interaction. Currently when I preview or publish my site the interaction starts out in the “Hover Over” stage. However, if I mouse over the Collection Item and then mouse out it will behave correctly. Essentially what I want it to do on page load is display the photos of the products and when I mouse over the photo you will see the information. Right now when I load the page I’m seeing the information first, which isn’t correct. I thought I had this set up correctly in my interactions but apparently I was wrong. Here is a share link to the site…

Thank you.

Hi, I just wanted to nudge this post again and see if anyone could help me out with this? I’m still having trouble getting it to work correctly.


Hey, I got it a bit closer but still an having an issue somewhere.

One thing I know you need to do is remove “set as initial display” on the hover out interaction. Instead, you’ll want to set the starting “Duration” and “Display” 0 sec.

First of all remove all initial states from your “hover out” interaction, second target your product image not as “selected element” but as “class” and “only children” in both interactions. Like so:

Port_of_Folio & Dram thank you! That was the exact information I needed :). I appreciate both of you taking the time to help solve this for me.