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Morphing sircular menu

Hi there,

any ideas on how to implement THIS on a webflow site?

Hey @Eivinj, Creating a full screen circle menu in Webflow might help do check out.:peace_symbol:

Thank you, but i have allready skimmed through this, and i find that these streaming tutorials are to time consuming as they go much back and forward.

i would absolutely look into it, but i wonder if there is any way to just put the codes and the files from the link i posted somewhere on the server and link it in the server to have it up and running faster.

or if there might be an easier way?

@PixelGeek could you look at the link in the top, and see if it is possible for me to use this system or install it on my page?

i love your video and tutorial on facebook, but i would love to see if i could just simply use the link at the top instead. Cheers!