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More properties to alter with interactions: colors, fonts etc

That would be helpful to add the COLORS in this panel. Also some kind of character properties such as font size. But really the color would be awesome.

As for now it requires cheating too much to change a color through interactions.

Thank you for listening!


I completely agree :smiley: would be great - they will be adding the ability to change classes in V2 of interactions (everything that is coming is listed right on available triggers), so you could change virtually any property - but Sergie recently said (here) that V2 of interactions isn’t being developed just yet due to “other awesome stuff” heh.

Yep, forgot abt that. This will solve everything actually.

Ikr @vincent! Gonna be so great, hope they get around to it soon :slight_smile:

I’m curious if there’s any word of an update on V2 of interactions since this post is now over 1.5 years old.

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Have you missed this Craig? It’s 2 weeks old or so…

It’s around the corner…