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More Product Options

Hi there,

is there any way to add more than 3 options to a product. I need 5 options to create a car configurator for an electric car Start-Up. Is there any way to work around it or upgrade it?


Other than grouping your configurations under different products versions I can’t think of a workaround that will not impact pricing.

Hi @Gail_Ranger
thank you for your answer!
What do you mean by “not impact pricing”?

Is it possible to add more options with a more expensive Webflow plan? :slight_smile:

No I just mean workarounds, as far as I know the 3 options limit applies to all plans.
You could build custom options but then you would have a problem since you wouldn’t be able to adjust prices with the various options (assuming options change product price).

Unfortunately the different options would change the price. Do you think there is a way of changing something in the Webflow backend?