More Off Canvas Overflow Hidden Issues

Greetings! I have an off-canvas menu that works as intended on this page but I’ve got an area that is scrollable to the right:

When I put that off canvas menu in a div with overflow hidden on the footer-dev page, the site doesn’t scroll to the right, but the div precludes anything else from being clicked on the page:

Ideally I’d like a sticky menu that has an off-canvas fly-out associated with it. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @lance the issue is with your section settings as you do not need overflow:hidden. In video are some thoughts about how to

Hey - thank you so much for taking the time to look at my problem and trying to offer a solution. I don’t think your suggestion will work for my particular set of issues because I am using a sticky nav bar, and would like that fly out menu to remain at the bottom of that nav bar, not overlay the entirety of the page. I put everything in a global container, and set the off canvas menu to be fixed, but it remained on the side as you scroll down the page, was not visually attached to the nav bar. I have it working here: but the right is scrollable when the menu is off canvas. Maybe that’s a better starting point to troubleshoot.
Sincerely sincerely sincerely I can’t thank you enough for looking into this and offering your time and help.

Hi @lance no worry that’s totally fine that this principle doesn’t work for you. I do not know reason why you have to have register/login form set this way as usually is this form element set as modal or better a separate page.

Good luck to find solution that will work for you :wink: